Working with us

Working with us

Make working with us work for you

Certain roles within our business do not require the more traditional 9 to 5. Monday to Friday working week. Though our core research team are based in Leeds and London, you will have the option to work more flexible hours or to be home based. Each case is considered separately and we welcome the chance to discuss options that work for you.

Want to hear what it’s really like?

Here are a selection of videos from our colleagues at GS

Click on the images below to find out what its like working with GS.

Matt Malone
Senior Researcher, Government and Regulation 

Victoria Wakerley
 Senior Researcher, Education and Not for Profit

Juliet Brown
Principal Consultant, Not for Profit

Robin Staveley
Practice Lead, Health

Chalene Hanson
Project and Delivery Manager,
Leadership and Talent Consultancy

Andrew White
Principal Consultant, Leadership and Talent Consultancy

Jody Goldsworthy
Executive Director, Leadership and Talent Consultancy

Career pathways

While your next move will be uppermost in your mind right now, we are very aware that you may also want to ensure that future career opportunities will be open to you. At GS our HR and leadership teams are focused on helping you be the best version of you. This means helping you to develop in role, as well as guiding you through a choice of different career pathways. You set the boundaries, you find your own limits, with GS the future is yours to create.